As an independent Advocacy organisation we are able to accept private commissions for advocacy in a variety of situations. This can be for both instructed and non-instructed advocacy. For individuals this could be to challenge decisions such as court of protection or continuing health care, or just to make sure that person’s voice is heard in a particular situation.

We are always happy to talk to deputies, solicitors, accountants and anyone who may feel that an independent advocate could help their or their client’s situation.

Solicitors Case Study

ICANN were contacted by a local firm of solicitors who specialised in supporting personal injury claimants. The deputy was involved in managing the financial affairs of Darren who had received brain injuries at birth and had received compensation for this. Darren has very limited communication, severe learning disabilities and many physical limitations. Darren lived in a full time placement but was getting to an age where it was felt that there could be more opportunities in the future for more independent living.

It was felt that having an independent advocate would give Darren the opportunity to say what he really wanted, rather than what he thought others might want to hear, and help him explore new ideas about all sorts of aspects of his life.

The ICANN advocate has been working with Darren for over 3 years now. They meet regularly and have built up a good relationship.

Issues we have helped with have varied from choices around care packages and carers, to holidays and respite options. Darren did move nearer to his family but there are still decisions to be made around future accommodation options as his needs change. The advocate has been instrumental in securing electronic communication aids and this is still ongoing. 

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Age is not a barrier and ICANN are also able to support children and young people have their voice heard. In the past we have been commissioned by schools, colleges and special schools to provide independent advocacy.

School Case Study

ICANN were asked by an educational provider to give independent advocacy support to Layla who was 16 and had learning disabilities, as well as being on the autistic spectrum.

Layla attended a specialist school but was due to leave at the end of the current school year and wanted help to consider her options for further education. She felt that her opinions were not being considered fully either by her family or teachers.

An advocate met with Layla a few times to find out what she wanted, then helped explore what courses and colleges were available to her, including funding.

A meeting was held with current school, Layla and her family, at the meeting the advocate helped Layla speak up, and explain the reasons for her choices, and provided the information they had researched on her behalf.

It was eventually decided that Layla would attend a life skills course at a local sixth form college, with extra learning support hours.

Layla has now been at college over a year and is enjoying her new course and making new friends. 

ICANN are able to provide paid Relevant Person’s Representatives (RPRs) where appropriate - please click here for further information on RPRs and DoLs (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards). 

ICANN also offer private advocacy contracts at competitive rates. This could be of interest to care homes, residential homes, rehabilitation centres and assisted/supported living schemes.

We currently provide advocacy services to three care homes providing specialist dementia services; regular drop in service for clients and their carers who may be seeking help from advocacy, followed by one to one support if needed. This can also include support to attend service user forums which can increase participation helping fulfil care quality standards as well as a matter of good practice.