ICANN Benefit Assessment Advocacy

ICANN have been carrying out a pilot project for 18+ months now, providing fully trained volunteer advocates to accompany clients who are attending health assessments in connection with their claim for disability related benefits such as PIP (Personal Independence Payments) and the ESA (Employment Support Allowance) work capability assessment.

We have successfully supported nearly 300 clients to date, and are seeking information as to whether this service would be welcomed in other areas of Lancashire.

Many of our clients, particularly those with mental health issues or learning disabilities, have commented favourably on how having someone independent with them, helped them speak up, reduced stress and anxiety at the assessment, and provided them with information to support and increase their chances of making a successful claim.

We would really appreciate your feedback in the form of a very brief online questionnaire

Client/Carer Survey

Referrer Survey

Feel free to check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ICANNLancs

Paper copies can be supplied on request, or we can do as a telephone survey with individual clients if preferred.